COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Support our students and their families
through this unprecedented time.

The Emergency

Across the last several days, Basta has received regular updates from our community of fellows. Young people are experiencing drastic reductions in hourly work and numerous family members in a single household are experiencing lay-offs. Additionally, interviews are being delayed and job and internship opportunities are at risk of being delayed and/or cut entirely. For many young people in our network, who are first-generation college students and Pell-grant recipients, this fast turn of events has placed them in economic hardship.

Right now, we want to do everything we can to ensure the financial safety of our broader Basta community. 

Our Response

Through an application process, young people will demonstrate an economic hardship. We will distribute funds to individuals and families based on need. For example, we might provide $2,000 immediate cash relief for families experiencing immediate, extreme hardship, including food or home insecurities; or $500 across three months for fellows whose job interviews or timelines are indefinitely delayed.

Here is How You Can Help

Please donate in any increment you can. We will keep these funds separate from our operating budget and for direct disbursement to students. We are happy to refund you if your funds go unused.