Hire A Fellow

Providing direct access to our talented community of Fellows

In times like these, we are more focused than ever on connecting Basta Fellows directly with great first jobs. You now have direct access to our community of Basta job seekers.

Scroll below and review profiles of Basta candidates who are currently looking for full-time, entry-level opportunities.

What's the catch? We promise - there is none! Simply click on the link below and search through profiles and resumes of Basta fellows, and reach out to those you'd like to interview.

A few requests: 

  • At Basta, we believe that your major or GPA is not indicative of your future success...so we ask that you are as expansive as possible in your search.
  • We also believe in the power of social capital!  Please share this list far and wide with fellow recruiters and hiring managers and encourage them to tap into our candidate pool!
  • As you reach out to candidates, we would love for you to drop the Basta team a note to let us know.

Any questions?  Feel free to reach out to Annie Hopkins or Alfy Hernandez.

How to Get Started

  • Fellows are open to relocation unless they are tagged as "NYC Only."
  • Click on "Filter" to search by categories such as major category, school, or graduation date.
  • Click on the resume thumbnail to download the document directly to your computer.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click "View Larger Version" if you'd like to open the database in a new tab.