Director of Programs


Please note: this role is temporarily remote until Fall 2021, when the Basta team will return to in-person work in our NYC office. 

The Director of Programs will lead BASTA’s programming efforts as we move towards greater impact and scale. Your role will include refining and improving existing content/curriculum as well as developing new content/materials for students and adults. 

You will play a key role in ensuring high-quality content delivery,  consistently pulse-checking with program managers to identify opportunities to refine and improve curriculum, content, pedagogical approach and lesson plans. You will facilitate training as part of our capacity-building efforts and serve as the primary point-of-contact for BASTA’s growing network of nonprofit partners and higher-ed institutions. 

As the Director of Programs, you will have the opportunity to grow and shape our content and build new relationships across the college success and higher-ed community. Your role will include: 

  • Lead a team of program managers: Program Managers deliver BASTA’s core career readiness content - both to the BASTA Fellow community and through our capacity building efforts/ partnership model

  • Develop and improve content/curriculum: You will use a continuous learning and iterative cycle to improve curriculum and content, leveraging our learning principles and approach to adapt our content for new partnerships as well as continue to refine the content for our core fellowship

  • Serve as an external face for BASTA: You will play a primary role in external engagement (in partnership with the Founder) across the nonprofit and higher-education community, at times being the face and voice for BASTA’s at events, on panels, and in high-stakes meetings

  • Prioritize using data to inform your body of work: You will work closely with BASTA’s Operations team to draw conclusions from data and use it to inform updates to BASTA’s programs

  • Lead BASTA’s capacity-building work: You will manage BASTA’s capacity-building partnerships with college success organizations, designing the program offerings & leading/overseeing delivery

On a typical day, you might: 

  • Observe a program manager conduct a 1:1 with a student (via Zoom)

  • Attend a needs assessment meeting with a new college success organization partnering with BASTA to infuse career readiness into their advisor training

  • Review feedback data on a series of virtual sessions (with Operations Lead) to identify opportunities for improvement
    Adapt a lesson plan for the BASTA Fellowship

  • Meet with an external vendor interested in infusing their knowledge/training into the BASTA program model

This role reports to Co-Founder, Data/Operations and Programs, Maggie Raible, and will interact closely with Founder, Sheila Sarem, and Head of Employer Partnerships and Career Success, Annie Hopkins. 


You could be our Director of Programs if:

  • You believe deeply in the inherent value and potential first-generation students bring to the workplace and are excited to support them to achieve their career goals

  • You bring a proven track record developing and delivering training/professional development for adults and are passionate about creating effective learning experiences

  • You’re a doer and a problem-solver with an eye for continuous improvement - you’re known for getting stuff done while also constantly asking if there’s a better, faster, or more effective way to do it

  • You have that rare mix of vision and tactics that make other leaders admire you. You've managed multiple teams on a range of different projects, but you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get in the trenches yourself

  • You are comfortable with light-level data crunching and/or reading data sets and believe they are a primary input for assessing the effectiveness of a program

  • You’re an approachable, active listener who inspires trust and confidence from others. Your ego is secondary; you lead by example, embodying the notion of personal responsibility and encouraging others to build on your ideas, challenging them, and expanding them

  • You have outstanding attention to detail, strong organizational skills and a systems-mindset

  • You take complete ownership over your work, but you’re not afraid to ask for help when you need it. You’re also willing to jump in wherever you’re needed

  • You’ve worked with young adults (16-24 year olds) before and have 6+ years of professional experience

  • You’re comfortable working in a virtual environment using virtual communication/collaboration tools, including Google docs, Zoom, and Slack

  • You are based in or near New York City and able to attend in-person sessions, including some weekend and evening work