Director of Data Strategy


As the Director of Data Strategy, you’ll play a critical role in BASTA’s development as an increasingly data-driven, growing startup. You’ll use your creative problem-solving, strategic thinking and communication skills to build/grow tools, systems and processes that support data-driven decision making and growth. As BASTA’s first full-time team member focused on data, you will: 

  • Audit current data practices: Four years into BASTA’s development, we’ve collected a great deal of data and are ready to invest in taking a more strategic approach to managing and using our data. You’ll thoroughly audit BASTA’s current practices around data collection, management, storage and use, and identify & prioritize areas of improvement.

  • Develop BASTA’s data strategy: With a deep understanding of BASTA’s organizational goals and current practices, you’ll define a strategy and create a roadmap for implementing prioritized best practices, based both on BASTA’s current needs and goals and our vision for the future. Your work will play a foundational role in BASTA’s ability to move into the next stage of growth.

  • Build tools, systems and processes: With support from BASTA’s data analyst, you’ll build - and support other teams’ adoption of -  tools, systems and processes that allow for data-driven decision making, ranging from updating data entry user guides to developing progress-monitoring dashboards. Your work will help ensure that every team member across the organization has the infrastructure & support they need to use data effectively, and you’ll hold us accountable to do so.

  • Lead data migration & integration: BASTA has historically used a suite of best-in-class tech tools pieced together through both manual means and automated integrations. You’ll give input on the data implications of new tools & software as BASTA moves to a more integrated technology platform and own the migration of data where necessary.

  • Identify new opportunities: You’ll bring a creative eye to identifying new opportunities for BASTA to collect and use data in efficient and effective ways, in our direct service program and beyond. You’ll take continuous improvement to the next level by thinking beyond the scope of our current work and looking for untapped potential.

On a typical day, you might: 

  • Join a strategy meeting with BASTA’s leadership team to review progress against our quarterly job placement goals

  • Review a data request from a funder and collaborate with the Data Analyst to create a plan for pulling & analyzing the data needed by the deadline.

  • Update documentation for a new automation you created that streamlined the process of collecting BASTA Alumni Surveys.

  • Get on a call with a Program Manager to help them analyze the pre-program survey data on their latest cohort

  • Send feedback to an external consultant working on the next iteration of BASTA’s career readiness diagnostic

  • Make edits to a progress monitoring dashboard for the Employer and Career Success team based on a meeting with the team the week before


You could be our Director of Data Strategy if:

  • You believe deeply in the inherent value and potential first-generation grads bring to the workplace and are excited to support them to achieve their career goals.

  • You are excited to help grow a startup, know how to embrace change and be adaptable and flexible
    You have 8-10+ years of professional experience and have managed complex, cross-functional projects and potentially staff members.

  • You have a level of technical fluency - you may not be an expert in Python or SQL, but you have enough of a foundation in software engineering that you can translate between business needs and technical experts.

  • You’re a doer and a problem-solver with an eye for continuous improvement - you’re known for getting stuff done while also constantly asking if there’s a better, faster or more effective way to do it.

  • You take complete ownership over your work, but you’re not afraid to ask for help when you need it. You’re also willing to jump in wherever you’re needed.

  • You’re comfortable working in a virtual environment using virtual communication/collaboration tools, including Google docs, Zoom, and Slack.

  • You are based in or near New York City and able to attend in-person sessions, including occasional weekend and evening work.